There is nothing like the feeling you get when you flip on the light and see cockroaches scatter in all directions. It may send a shiver down your spine. These creatures are among nature’s nastiest for humans, though are incredible in their own right. The biggest concern with roaches isn’t that they will directly harm you, it is that they will carry bacteria and diseases around your home. Not to mention, they are extremely hard to kill on your own. Once you have roaches, you need to take note and call a cockroach professional to take care of the issue.


Cockroaches, like other insects, range in size and color. Common roaches are brown or reddish in color, although just because it is black doesn’t make it a beetle. This is a common misconception. Roaches average around 4 cm in length– you’ll easily see them if they are around.

Cockroaches are infamous for their ability to live through crazy events, and for their ability to reproduce quickly. In fact, females can lay up to 50 eggs in a single egg sac. After a short time, these young cockroaches can breed as well. It’s easy to see how with food and solitude, they could easily number in the thousands within a year or two. The key to controlling roaches is to take action as soon as you see them. The egg cycle must be broken up and then the living, breeding roaches must be eliminated to prevent the spread of bacteria in your home.

Your Best Option

People often attempt to spray and buy cockroach traps in order to curb the infestation. While once in a while this works, more often than not it prolongs the roaches chance to thrive, by only killing roaches one at a time allowing them to continue breeding. If you suspect cockroaches, call DAL Environmental today.