There has probably never been a time in human history when we weren’t bothered by mice and rats. They have frightened us, bitten us, and spread diseases to us for countless centuries. Now, there isn’t much reason to be overly worried if you see a mouse or rat, but it is something that you should work to get rid of quickly.

Rodents are found almost everywhere. They can live and thrive in warm and cold climates alike– all they need is a consistent source of food and some shelter to keep warm and out of the elements.


Rats come in different sizes and shades, but most of the time they are 300 to 500 mm long. They can shift and contort their bodies in order to get into tight places. For instance, a rat this size could easily fit inside a gap that is only a ½ in diameter! Mice are smaller, and can fit into even smaller holes. It is said that they can fit into a hole the size of a quarter. This makes it increasingly important to install weather stripping on entrances and patch any hole or gaps on the outside of your home. They often bed down in dark places that don’t receive a lot of foot traffic, like attics, closets, and garages.

Keep on the lookout for signs that rodents might be entering your home. If you see yellowish brown stains on the baseboards or frayed wires with bite marks, you may have rodents. The tell-tale sign of any mice or rats, though, is their droppings. They leave fecal pellets wherever they go. The pellets of mice and rats look similar, though mice are obviously smaller, resembling something like dark grains of rice. If you see any of these signs, you need to call DAL Environmental immediately so that you don’t give them time to nest and breed.

Responsible Rodent Control

We pride ourselves in getting rid of pest infestations both big and small. We only use responsible and humane methods that are in line with state standards. You shouldn’t have to worry about mice and rats anywhere near your home- give us a call today at (929) 600-1274 for a quick solution.