It has been said that if you take all of the humans on earth and all the ants of earth, the ants would weigh more. They are so common that there are probably some within a hundred yards of you. Their sheer numbers are impressive, but more importantly, once they are there they are hard to get rid of. These hardy little devils populate quickly and can move from one place to another without difficulty.


Most ants are small and black, brown, or red in color. They have six legs and have three main body components. They are often seen carrying things many times their weight back to their colony. This type of strength is rare in the animal kingdom. Imagine if you could lift a PT Cruiser over your head without a sweat! They were recently discovered being able to lift over 1000 times their own weight.

Ants range from 1mm to 15 mm in size. The small black ants that get into the kitchen are sometimes called “sugar ants’, though it is simply a nickname. Usually you will see one or two a day or so before they start forming their lines. This is because each ant in a colony has a specific duty, whether it is a worker, scout, or queen. Once they find a source of food and water, they will stay as long as possible. That’s why you should have a pest control company come out to your home and treat before they get worse.

Call Today if you are seeing ants in or around your home. You don’t want them to take up residence nearby and start to breed and wreak havoc to your home. While not extremely dangerous, the bite of ants can be painful and cause sores, as well as the potential for them to spread bacteria around your home.

Ants shouldn’t be in your home. If they are, you know who to call!

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